Freezy MacBones to clear air on nationality

UK-based Ghanaian Boxer Seth Gyimah has vowed to clear the air over his boxing license next week.

Gyimah, who is affectionately known as Freezy MacBones has been in the news with conflicting reports suggesting he has ditched the Ghana Boxing Authority for the UK Boxing Federation.

The professional boxer first caught the country’s attention in April following his victory over Darryl Sharp at the Copper Boxing Arena in London.

The 33-year-old fought in an under-card bout in the Joe Joyce vs Zhilei Zhang main event over the weekend as he defeated his opponent through a unanimous decision by the judges.

It was only his second professional fight since leaving Ghana for the United Kingdom.

In a post cited by Sporty-Africa, Freezy announced he will soon make it clear which nation’s license he has decided to fight under.

“I never boxed in my life until the age of 27 years, that’s when I started boxing. I know where I come from, a lot of youth and people need someone to look up to so that, they will never give up in life and they will believe in themselves. I am going to set an example for Ghanaian youth to believe in themself,” Freezy MacBones posted on his Facebook page Saturday.

“I am going to open the door and path the way to let my people know that, everything is possible if you stay true to yourself and you work hard. Everything will come your way. I stand for Ghana, I stand for my people, I stand for Ghanaian youth.”

“I truly believe Ghana has more potential in the sport of boxing and one day a lot of champions will come from our country Ghana. All these news circulating, I will clarify them next week. No matter what, there is no better place than home. Home Sweet Home,” Freezy added.

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