Caf Executive Committee: Burkina’s Sita Sangaré replaces Nyantakyi

President of the Burkina Faso Football Federation (FBF), Sita Sangaré has replaced Ghana’s Kwesi Nyantakyi on the Caf Executive Committee from Zone West B.

Nyantakyi had held that slot as the representative of the sub-regional body which consists Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria and Togo since 2011. He became a member of the Caf Executive Committee after emerging victorious in a hotly contested election with Benin’s Anjorin Moucharafou.

At Caf’s General Assembly in Cairo 2015, Nyantakyi was retained the post through popular acclamation for another four year term of office after standing unopposed.

Now the first Vice-president at Caf, Africa’s football governing body and as well a Fifa Council member, Kwesi Nyantakyi became ineligible to continue occupying the Zone West B slot.

This was a result of a decision by the Confederation of African Football to forbid its ExCo members who are also Fifa Council members from contesting for the position again.

Caf President Ahmad explained that vice-presidents elected to the Fifa Council having to vacate their membership of the Caf Executive Committee is in pursuant of the duality mandate provision.

“The Caf statutes, and in particular Article 22, on the duality of functions between Caf and Fifa, oblige members of the executive to choose between Caf and Fifa. Elected members of the Fifa Executive are automatically members of the Caf Executive and with voting powers. Nothing will change,” he said.

By this, there were four vacancies left for the Caf Executive Committee to take full shape with 23 members.

At the 40th Caf Ordinary General Assembly held on Friday, 2 February 2018 in Casablanca, these four new members were elected on to the Caf Executive Committee.

Jamal Jaafri (North Zone), Augustin Senghor (West A Zone) and Sita Sangaré (West B Zone) were elected by virtue of being the sole candidates in their respective zones for the slots vacated by members who held dual positions; Fifa Council and Caf Executive Committee.

Sita Sangaré – FBF President

For the Central Zone, two candidates were contention namely Edouard Patrice Ngaissona and Pierre Alain Mounguengui. Ngaissona, president of the Central African Football Federation polled 30 votes against 23 by Mounguengi, also president of the Gabonese Football Federation. There was one abstention.

The four new Executive Committee members will have a one-year term as the current membership’s tenure ends in 2019.

The General Assembly was also an opportunity for Caf’s 54 Member Associations to validate the accounts for the 2016-2017 budget year. The accounts reflected a cash balance of $ 117 million, an increase of $9 million compared to the previous year as revealed by Caf 3rd Vice President, Fouzi Lekjaa, who doubles as president of the Finance Committee.



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